dna sequencing services

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Big E
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dna sequencing services

So many companies now provide sequencing services. Which companies are inexpensive and reliable?

Big E
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I have been impressed by

I have been impressed by retrogen custom sequencing services, inexpensive and reliable results.

Fraser Moss
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I dont know where in the

I dont know where in the world you are, but here in Southern California we like to send our sample to Davis Sequencing


Very reliable long reads and always keen to trouble shoot any problems.

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We use Nevada Genomics. http:

We use Nevada Genomics. http://www.ag.unr.edu/genomics/ They are smaller, and easy to contact. They process samples in a week. I've had about 15 samples sequenced through them, and they do a pretty good job.

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We've used SeqWright for

We've used SeqWright for about 4 years now and have been happy. We mostly do SNP sequencing on our clinical tumor banks. I know they offer standard 24hr sequencing as well.