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As i know that we use Sucrose for cryoprotection before cryosectioning , and is seen mostly that sucrose is used for that purpose can anyone find out that who had used first sucrose as cryoprotectant, and what are the other cryoprotectants can Glucose be used as substitute for Sucrose

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Sorry I can't help with who was the first to use sucrose..
My favourite recipe  is :
Cryoprotectant ( For 1L)
300ml of Ethylenglycol
150g of sucrose
550ml of 0.05M PB pH 7.4
You can cut sections (or small blocks)  directly into the cold solution (-15oc, place collection containers in the cryostat.). You then store the sections in a -20oc freezer.  You do not get freeze fracture.  I have stored sections for 12 months without loss of antigenictity.