Gas Chromatogram

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Gas Chromatogram

Can any one tell me the Calibration procedure for GC6890N of  Agilent Technologies

Dr. Analytical
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Please tell us what you mean

Please tell us what you mean by "calibration procedure."  Do you mean analytical calibration, where you are injecting standards of known concentration?  Or do you mean the procedure for calibrating the parts of the GC, such as flow controller, oven, etc.?  The second procedure is part of regular installation and maintenance procedures, and is usually peformed by a trained technician.

Venugopal Narne
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Hello Prabhakar, what i was

Hello Prabhakar, what i was done in previous job is for any Gas chromatograph, we have to measure the RT accuracy which determines the flow accuracy and Temperature gradient of the oven. I was worked with FID detector for that we need to check the detector linearity, for GC with head space we need to calibrate the injector lineority. normally benzene will be the standard for this calibration. If it is regulatory aspect you need to prepare a SOP where you will mention a analyte which you are using for calibration. prepare as a regular program inject 10 micro liters of benzene for 6 times then check the Retention time, area caliculate the RSD of the RT and area. for linearity caliculation inject 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 microliters of benzene 6 injections for each volume. caliculate the average and RSD of each volume and plot a graph which will be linear if the detector working properly. User has to set the limitations for %RSD as acceptance based on their equipment accuracy.