Bioinformatics coursework help!

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Bioinformatics coursework help!


I have a piece of coursework that I'm completely stuck on. I've been given an unknown DNA sequence of just under 7kb and been told to analyse it and write a paper on it. 

The basic idea is to attempt to work out what organism it's from and what it codes for.

In terms of structure I've ran it through ORF finder, GeneMark and Glimmer and have found what appears to be 5 coding regions, 3 for a radial SAM domain, 1 for an aminotransferase and 1 for a nucleosidase/phosphorylase...

...and then I get a bit stuck.

We haven't really been given much direction on what to include but I need to think about what the organism is, what it is related to, what genes it has, what those genes do, how they are organized and what all of this tells me about the organism and the environment?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Hello hays298,

Hello hays298,

If it was me, I'll try blasting the DNA sequence out, it should automatically give you matching genes and for which organisms.

Once you have the gene candidates, I'll try finding more about it by going to the NCBI Entrez or Ensembl websites, or genecards.

If that still doesn't help, I'll try posting to as well and see what others think.

Good luck!