Making your own reagent diluent: 1% BSA in PBS

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Ali Komai
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Making your own reagent diluent: 1% BSA in PBS

<br /> We've  been making our own reagent diluents (1% BSA in PBS) for a while. Does anybody know for how long this can be stored? (ELISA measurements)

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 Hola, I think that the best

 Hola, I think that the best way to store it is frozen in aliquots for each use, but it doesn´t matter if you reuse the solution and refreeze each time. If you want to store at 4 ºC after one or tu days the solution will be turbid by contamination. buena suerte

Rajeshwari patel
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you can prepare 1% BSA in sterile PBS or elase you can sterile filter it , open in sterile condition. In that condition you can store for one month  at 4oC

This is laborios, but one time prepartion Job for one month


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You can store the aliquots of BSA at -70C for atleast six months. Alternatively for more rapid usage, you can store the same at 4C. Incase you are concerned about the microbial growth in the suspension you can add antimicrobial agents  like azides or thimerosal.

When you prepare the aliquots do not forget to check the concentration by OD. For a pure sample of BSA with 1mg/ml concentration the OD is .667 at 280nm. This may help you in future if you are concenrned about the degraded BSA.

All the best.

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Hi, I usually  prepare 10X

Hi, I usually  prepare 10X PBS and in the day of the assay I make the dilution and dissolve the BSA freshly, as I remarked that this gives better and more reproducible results than storing the prepared buffer with the BSA.