What will be the right courses for me in my college

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What will be the right courses for me in my college

 I know this is not the place for posting this,but here goes.I want to have a career in development and creation of new technologies and devices (preferably for medicinal purposes).Kind of like Bio-engineering and nanotechnology combined.I am about to complete high school with Non-medical.People have got me quite confused about what should I do now.I searched around and looked up courses like Biotechnology,bio-engineering,engineering physics,bio-medical engineering.I thought these courses might be related to what I want to do.But I asked a couple of people they suggested that I take come core subjects like physics and/or computer science.They will get me in a strong position for any graduate program.They said courses like bio-engineering and engineering physics expose the students to a lot of topics,but they don't specialize in any particular one.now I am confused as to what should I do.Should I take courses like Biotechnology,engineering physics etc. or the common ones like computer science,physics.Given my interests and knowledge please advice me about the best UG programs for me.

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 Hi Ajitesh

 Hi Ajitesh

Probably one of the provate Universities in India are offering the course in Nanotechnoloy. I dont know about the course details so if you can shed some light on the subjects covered then it will be better.

Now returning to your previous query, ideally you should opt for a basic science course and then pursue your specialization in such field. It will help you know the basics of sciences and grasp of key concepts that you will be needing later. 

Biotechnology on the otther hand has a more wider scope as compared to nanotechnology... but what matters is your interest. 
Let us know the details of yr subjects and we will be able to help you better.