Analysis Of Fatty Acid Conjugates By HPLC

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Analysis Of Fatty Acid Conjugates By HPLC

hi Everyone...

Im stuck up with analysis of Fatty acid analysis.

I need to analyse mono glyceride, di glyceride and triglycerides of
 C8, C10,C12, C14, C16 and C18 fatty acid i.e
separation of
1. mono,di and trigylcerides of caprylic acid(octadecanoic acid)
2.monocaprin,dicaprin and tricaprin
3.monolaurin,dilaurin and trilaurin
4.monomyristin,dimyristin and trimyristin
5.monopalmitin,dipalmitin and tripalmitin
6.monostearin,distearin and tristearin
7.monoolein,diolein and triolein

I want o do analysis on C 8 or C 18 columns ( 250*4.6mm, 5 micron) as they are with me.

Can anybody suggest me the method for these analysis in details? i would be very thankful to them.

Dr. Analytical
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We can not give you all the

We can not give you all the specifics here, but we can get you started.  Because these molecules have many carbons, short retention times will not be a problem.  Use the C8 column with a mobile phase of 100% acetonitrile.  Refractive index detection will probably be the best option, but absorbance at 210 nm may be possible.

Inject the smallest molecule first, so you can find the peak.  Then start injecting molecules with more carbons, remembering that more carbons mean more retention.

You will probabably have to add a less polar solvent to the mobile phase for the triglycerides.  An internet search should provide some options.  Ethyl acetate and similar solvents are common in these applications.