Analysis of schiff base

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Analysis of schiff base

Sir,we are analyzing the following analyte which is schiff base. Right now we are analyzing it on GC [ Column - Supelco -TM SPB-5 , 15 meters , 0.53mm ID and 5µm film thickness. But after 10-12 injection some hums are observing and these are not going even after conditioning the system and column. Finally we cut the both end of column about 3-4 inch and then inject the hums was not observed. But the problem is temporerily solved again 10-12 injection hums are again observed.
Sir we want to analyze this analyte on HPLC ,but in water this analyte get hydrolyzed and gives it's precursor Isobutyrophenone. How can we get the stable form of this compound so that we can get HPLC anlysis.
I also used Sodium borohydride for this but solution was not found please suggest us what we have to do?