calculation of rrf

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calculation of rrf

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 How to rrf calculation in hplc

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u can find the formula in US

u can find the formula in US Pharmacopoeia/ Indian Pharmacopoeia 

Ajay Kumar
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Response Factor = [response

Response Factor = [response factor of individual related substance/ response factor of drug substance] 

If a linearity curve is constructed for both the related substance and the drug substance by plotting the response versus the concentration, the relative response factor can also be determined by
Relative response     factor=                      
sloperelatedsubstance / slopedrugsubstance                                                                          
 Plz check this website also: Page no 41,%20Lee%20Y.C.,%20Lam%20H.%20-%20Analytical%20method%20validation%20and%20instrument%20performance%20verification(2004)(320).pdf