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In case of HPLC columns,what is the meaning of  BDS ,XDB ,RP,end cap.

Dr. Analytical
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There are many acronyms used

There are many acronyms used in HPLC.  We cannot list them all here, but there are several groups that I can describe:

Marketing Names:
XDB, SB, RX are brand names for certain columns from Agilent Technologies.  Each phase is prepared in a different way and has different separation properties.
Each manufacturer has their own brand names, for example: XTerra (Waters), Discovery (Supelco), Ultra (Restek).
Bonded Phase:
C18, C8, Phenyl, Diol, Cyano, PFP - all describe the groups that are bonded to the surface, and therefore change the properties of the surface.
HPLC Terms:
RP=Reversed phase
NP=Normal phase
End Cap=extra bonding step on silica-based phases, to cover up any unreacted silanol groups

You should get a book on HPLC for refererence, or attend some training classes so that you can more completely understand these ideas.