HPLC separation of collagen cross links

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HPLC separation of collagen cross links

Hello to HPLC experts,

I have been trying separate Hydroxy pyridinium, Dehydroxy pyridinium and pentosiden cross links (i tried to attach the word file with the structures of the above cross links but, with no success).

People have reported the separation of all the above cross links using single buffer system using ODS reversed phase column (8mm x 10cm)Radial pack C18 with 20mM phoshpate buffer with 0.2% SDS (pH 3.5). But, i am using C18 column and tried the above buffer system but with no success. [/b]

Is there any one got an idea about the separation of the above cross linked molecules (you can Google it to get the structures) using C18 column with single buffer system (These molecules are naturally fluorescent molecules.

Thanks in advance for the answer


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What do you mean when you say

What do you mean when you say that you have "no success?" Do you get no separation, or no retention, or no peaks?

All C18 columns are not the same. You will see different selectivity with C18 columns from different manufacturers, and sometimes even from the same manufacturer.

Please give us more details on your problem, and maybe we can help.