Method Development of NCEs by HPLC

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Method Development of NCEs by HPLC

I  want know what are the basic procedure to do method development of NCEs by HPLC?

Rajiv Dua
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Dear friend...there are

Dear friend...there are couple of literature availble on net...u just need to google the topic...or u can explore your question what kind/nature of New chemical entities....

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Thanks...but I need to know

Thanks...but I need to know that if a compound is unknown,hw we going to start the analysis thru HPLC?
either by knowing its pKa value or nature of compound or anything else??

Dr. Analytical
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You have asked a very general

You have asked a very general question, and there is no simple answer that I can provide.
More information about your unknown will always be helpful.  Solubility, stability, acidity, chemical class - all of this information will help you make your initial decisions about what kind of HPLC system to use.  You must choose a column/stationary phase, and that phase will have typical mobile phase combinations that are used.  Then you have to consider how you will detect the molecule, based on it's chemical structure and what equipment you have available. 
Then you can start experimenting.
If you know nothing about the compound, you will have to start with solubility.  For example, if it is soluble in water or methanol or acetonitrile, you could probably start with a reversed phase system.  If it is only soluble in a non-polar solvent like hexane or methylene chloride, then a normal phase system will be necessary.