Quantitative test method of Vitamin B12

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Quantitative test method of Vitamin B12

Hi everybody,

I need to find a more convenient and cost effective test method to analyze vitamin B12 quantitatively in a vitamin syrup.
Hope you will help me out.

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Hello there

Hello there

You can do this in number of ways
Every vendor has its own catalog and their sample chromatogarms- You can follow those procedures and you can achieve a successfull result.
I have used Discovery C18 from Sigma  15cm x 4.6mm ID x 5 um particle
and for mobile phase  A:50mM KH2 PO4
                                         B: MeOH
Flow Rate : 1 ml/min Gradient
Pressure should be reading about 1400- 1500 psi
Set the detector on UV= 220 nm
with injection size of 15 ul-

The peak of B12 should be coming out around 11 minutes
Hope this helps