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Request for full text

Hi Friends

I am in need of this paper for reference purpose. Will anyone be able to provide me the full text.


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sorry I forget to give the

sorry I forget to give the ref.

Alvarez ME, Maria AO, Villegas O, Saad JR.- Evaluation of diuretic activity of the constituents of Clematis montevidensis Spreng. (Ranunculaceae) in rats. Phytother Res. 2003 Sep;17(8):958-60.

Richard Taylor
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This paper is available

This paper is available online:

If you / your institution does not have a subscription to the journal you can buy access to this individual article online for $25.

If you dislike this arrangement and think that the outcomes of scientific reseach should be open to all then I suggest understanding, partipiating in the open access movement: