Shimadzu GC-15A

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Shimadzu GC-15A

we received a Shimadzu GC-15A. Unfortunatly, there is no manual. So, we are trying to make it work but it is not easy without a manual. The problem is that when the "start" buttons is pressed, both "stand by" and "started" are on at the same time. Moreover, after an injection, only the baseline appears on the monitor display and FID's ZERO is green; no peak can see on the monitor. We do not understand why? Thank you.
Perhaps, does anyone know where we can purchase a manual or does anyone can send us a copy of this manual? Thank you very much.

Greg Pronger
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If Shimatzu can't help, I'd

If Shimatzu can't help, I'd post an add on LABX for the manual ( It is a decent website for used stuff. You can often get fairly reasonable prices for what you're lookiong for.