Shimadzu GC auto sample won't start

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Shimadzu GC auto sample won't start

I just joined my current new company, they have all the shimadzu GC which I am unfamilar with but I am not exactly new to GC. All the parameter that I set on the oven, injector and detector have reach but it just won't start. It just say " system not ready (stand by).

Anyone know why ?

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i think you have to condition

i think you have to condition first you GC for at least 2 hours. Did you do Tuning before you start?


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hi dear

hi dear
first of all let me know which shimadzu gc u r using.
is it GC-17A, 2010 or 14 B ......

then u please check the parameters which u have informed your GC to check for being in the Standby mode. For example if u r using GC-17A then u check the function 94 or function 15 (pls. confirm the function first) and check the parameters.

if u r using GC-2010 then u check the instrumental parameters and General mode ( ready check parameters) ok ?

i hope u r getting me as this is very difficult to make u understand sitting over here.

check for the flow parameters and the flame weather they are acieved or not ?