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I look for an easy method to quantify thiocyanate in urine by HPLC-UV.
Did some one have an idea? What is the spectrum of thiocyanate in UV?

Dr. Analytical
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Thiocyanate is highly water

Thiocyanate is highly water soluble so retention in a conventional reversed phase system will be minimal. You will have to find a way to retain a compound with a negative charge.

An ion exchange column is one possibility. There are some "mixed mode" phases from SiELC that may also work.

For detection, you will have to measure a solution in a spectrophotometer to determine the best wavelength to use. Thiocyanate also forms colored complexes with many metals, so you may be able to use a complex for detection and separation.

This could be a difficult project if you need to detect very low levels.

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You can check this method at