A van Deemter question

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A van Deemter question

I have a 0.65 m column with van Deemter parameters A=0.22 mm, B=21.7 mm mL/min, and C=0.018 mm min/mL. If it takes at least 85 theoretical plates to fully separate two solutes, what range of flow rates can be used to separate the solutes?

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Here are some resources to better understand the van Deetmer Equation:

The van Deetmer Equation: A three act play
Christa Colyer
Department of Chemistry
Wake Forest University

Chromatography - Introductory Theory
Sheffield Hallam University

[url=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Van_Deemter's_equation]Van Deemter's equation[/url]
Wikipedia Page