Spectrophotometer Comparison

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Spectrophotometer Comparison

I am looking into getting a new benchtop spectrophotometer.  The one we currently have is an old Hach unit.  I have found a few that I am comparing the specifications on, however I would greatly appreciate your thoughts and experiences with spectrophotometers, especially if you have used one of the brands I am looking at.  The Unico model is extremely well priced and it seems to have almost the exact same specs as the Hach and Thermo, however I have never used anything manufactured by this company, so if you have, then please let me know what you think.

Unico S-1205E
Hach DR/2800
Hach DR/3800
Thermo Scientific-15001-200

Thanks in advance for your help!


Metalman 694
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I've never had a hand in

I've never had a hand in selecting spectrophotometers in the lab, but I can tell you from experience that we only use Beckman here, and they are very rugged and perform well.  As a matter of fact, we are probably due to get a new one soon since the one we currently use is getting pretty old.  Even after all this time of heavy use it still performs well.  I'm not sure what the price ranges are, but from an analyst standpoint, I really like the Beckman models.  I've used others at school (Hach and Thermo I believe) but I always liked the Beckman better.  We currently use a Beckman DU 640 (probably not made anymore) and we also have a very old Beckman DU 64 which surprisingly works well still considering it's age.  I've talked to collegues at trade shows and they like Beckmans also.

Hope this helps!

Rajiv Dua
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Beckman models are best ...

Beckman models are best ....even we are using Beckman Du 800 for last 5 years ...No problem