Research Scientist I

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Research Scientist I

The successful candidate will design and execute reaction sequences and define processes to chemical intermediates and drug substances;
perform chemical reactions, isolations, separations, purifications and crystallizations;
conduct route scouting, reaction optimization, and scale-up demonstration; write concise procedures and reports to enable successful Technology Transfers; participate in project teams and communicate results in a team-based environment.
The candidate must be skilled in the art and practice of modern synthetic and mechanistic organic chemistry. Familiarity and competence with modern spectroscopic methods applied to structure determination including 1H and 13C NMR, infra-red spectroscopy, and mass spectroscopy are required. Experience in the use of preparative silica gel chromatographic separations as well as analytical separations involving HPLC and GC is required. Practical experience in multi-step syntheses is preferred.
Experience with spreadsheet programs such as Microsoft Excel and database software such as SciFinder is a plus.

PhD Required