Chromatography Training for the African Continent

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Chromatography Training for the African Continent

The University of Nairobi’s School of Physical and Biological Sciences in collaboration with Nesvax R&D, UradC, and ACCTA, Inc. (USA) have scheduled a specialized, practical training course on modern chromatography and related techniques. The five-day course is intended for technical managers, technicians, apprentices and tertiary level students in Natural Sciences (Chemistry, Biochemistry, etc), Food and Environmental Sciences, Manufacturing & Pharmaceutical Industry and Research Institutions.
The training will cover both basic and advanced concepts in Gas and Liquid Chromatography, including the use of Mass Spectrometry detectors. This course is scheduled for 24-28 May, 2009 at the School of Physical Sciences, Chiromo Campus-University of Nairobi. The instructor will be Dr. Merlin Bicking, the president of ACCTA, Inc. (USA), a pioneer instrumentation trainer in the United States of America. 
Registration is available for a discounted fee of US $1,000.00 for those who pay up before 20 March, 2009.  Later registrations will be at US $1,200. The deadline for receiving applications is the 20 April, 2009. Only 40 places are available on a first come basis.

 Chromatography Techniques Training

  • Introductions and Overview
  • Theory of Chromatography
  • Gas Chromatography - instrumentation, practice, troubleshooting and more ...
  • Liquid Chromatography - instrumentation, operating modes, troubleshooting, and more ...
  • Analytical Techniques - peak integration, sample preparation, quantitative methods

For more information, please contact
Dr. Benson Wamalwa
Phone: +254 - 729903792
Mr. Caleb Oyugi
Phone: +254 - 722844592
Dr. Merlin K. L. Bicking
Phone: +1 651-731-3670