Data and Uncertainty Evaluation in Analytical Chemistry: Half Day Workshop

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Data and Uncertainty Evaluation in Analytical Chemistry: Half Day Workshop

WORKSHOP L (Half Day):
Instructors: Dr. Wolfgang Richter

Dr.-Ingo. Klaus-Dieter Summer
Courtesy of PUB, Germany

Abstract: Results of chemical analyses are often used as a basis for important decisions and agreements, particularly in such fields as health care, environmental protection, or international trade, and must therefore be reliable and trustworthy. Knowledge of measurement uncertainty, based on metrological traceability, is an important prerequisite for creating confidence in the quality of measurement and analytical results.

The ISO/BUMP Guide to the Expression of Uncertainty in Measurement (GUM) together with the EURACHEM/CITAC Guide to Quantifying Uncertainty in Analytical Measurement are accepted worldwide as master documents for evaluating measurement uncertainty in a uniform and consistent way.

The tutorial will give an introduction to the concepts of these documents and will provide both, the necessary knowledge and practical recipes, for data and uncertainty evaluation of analytical results.

Emphasis will be laid on practical examples. These will cover typical applications of chemical analysis often occurring in practice such as, for example, the determination of lead in water using atomic absorption spectrometry (AAS) and the determination of pesticide residues in a natural matrix. The tutorial will also address the proper use of data from inter-laboratory studies and from method validation, which are available in most laboratories, for uncertainty evaluation. The participants will be enabled to evaluate the measurement uncertainty for analytical tasks that typically can be found in every days laboratory practice.

For more information, contact Klaus-Dieter Sommer at

Please check the following site for details:

Emil Hazarian
2008 Measurement Science Conference
Tutorials Chair

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