a chemical synthesis expert of China

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a chemical synthesis expert of China

Li Junxian,a chemical synthesis expert. Borned in March 1928, hometown is Meishan in Sichuan Province. Dawn chemical researcher at the Institute of Luoyang. 1950 graduate of the National Academy of artistry. Dawn Chemical Research Institute senior engineer. Long been involved in the synthesis of organic chemicals research. The successful development of dimethylhydrazine to meet the needs of a variety of missiles, production facilities and product quality in the world's advanced level of a successful development of a hydrazine, a highly effective pesticide and meet the long-life satellites attitude control needs to nitrate to Development of fish in the main group pushing -3 fuel, product quality up to the United States torpedo fuel thermal power of the advanced level in China are now used for thermal power torpedo propellant; presided over the participation of the propellant used hydroxy terminated polybutadiene the pilot study To meet the 30 kinds of rockets and missiles of the type required. Won several national and provincial-level awards, "liquid propellant unit - pushed -3 fish on" The 1995 National Science and Technology Progress Award second prize. More than 10 academic papers published articles. 1995 election to the Chinese Academy of Engineering (Division of Chemical, Metallurgical and Materials Engineering) academicians.

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