Uv-Visible Spectrophotometric methods

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Uv-Visible Spectrophotometric methods

I need help in developing some new UV-Visible spectrophotometric methods for estimations of some new drugs containing primary ,secondary amines and phenolic hydroxy groups.Can i get the list of reagents which are responsible for color reactions with these groups.

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I think the flow injection

I think the flow injection analysis group can help for your interest.

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Are the amines aromatic

Are the amines aromatic amines?

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asoka wrote:Are the amines

asoka wrote:

Are the amines aromatic amines?

Hello,Ya ,they are aromatic primary ,secondary and tertiary amines

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You could try HPLC to

You could try HPLC to separate the compounds, then use ninhydrin to derivatize the amino compounds.  If I recall, Pickering had a module to do this with.  It works for primary amines, not sure on the secondary and tertiary ones...

Phenolics themselves will react with 4-amino antipyrene (EPA 420.4 has some more details on the reagents).  Phenols with different substitutions react somewhat differently.  It seems if what you really have is a mix, the first step will be figuring out how to separate the different entities, and go from there.....