Inorganic Ventures

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Inorganic Ventures

I recently came across a manufacturer for my ICP-MS, FAA and CVAA reference standards, which I had never heard of before.  Because one of my suppliers, Thomas Scientific, recently began to carry standards produced by Inorganic Ventures and because the pricing seemed very good, I decided to give them a whirl.  Up until this point I pretty much was only getting my standards from CertiPrep and SCP Science.

I just wanted to pass along how awesome this company is.  I got amazing service and turn-around-time on my order and was extremely impressed with the material itself, the detail put into the CofA as well as the pricing.  Typically we tend to see a positive correlation between pricing and quality of product and service, meaning that the lower the price, the lower the quality/service and the higher the price, the higher the quality/service.  However in the case of Inorganic Ventures, this could not be further from the truth.

I have since ordered four more reference standards from them, and was pleasantly surprised to see that on top of the great service and high quality, I also got great consistency, as all of my orders thus far have gone just as smoothly and quickly as the first order did.

If you are getting ready to purchase some certified reference material any time soon, then I would strongly suggest giving Inorganic Ventures a try.  I am sure you will be just as pleased as I have been.