call for images/video of mitochondria

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call for images/video of mitochondria


I work at the American Society for Cell Biology developing a free Internet resource for cell biology, the ASCB Image & Video Library ( that is aimed at the undergraduate to graduate student level.

The ASCB Council has asked that I work my way through cell biology, subject by subject, finding and annotating images (LM, EM, fluorescence), diagrams and videos that illustrate all aspects of cell biology. I recently worked on the centrosome ( and am now moving on to mitochondria.

In this regard, I would like to invite you to submit any images/video of mitochondria that you may have. You can submit them online at: . Once you establish an account, you can choose a simple figure legend annotation for Research (option C) or fill out the annotation developed by the ASCB Education Committee (option B).

Of course, any other images relevant to cell biology will be most welcome and will be considered for inclusion in the Image & Video Library!


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