GABA population in the thalamus

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GABA population in the thalamus

Hi guys,
Can someone refer me to a paper where I can find some information about the population of GABAergic neurons in the thalamus and their distribution of sorts.
I am looking for a rought number of interneurons in the cat, mice and rats.
Have found papers with numbers for the relay cells, but would grately appreciate if someone can help me with this.
Thanks a million,

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Dear Vilsy.

Dear Vilsy.
Please try once with NCBI website, pubmed, you find enough number of papers there. Just try once. If you dont succeed, I will help you out.

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here are some Gensat links to

here are some Gensat links to genes expressed in GABAergic neurons
GAT1 - GABA transporter
GAD65 (no images for GAD 67 yet)