The Inner Life of the Cell by BioVisions at Harvard

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Tony Rook
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The Inner Life of the Cell by BioVisions at Harvard

Check out this very cool computer animation titled:

The Inner Life of the Cell

produced by BioVisions at Harvard University

I really enjoyed being able to show this movie to my two young daughters and explain what is actually occurring within our bodies. Images like these are a great way to engage the general public that may otherwise be intimidated and untrustful of current scientific progress. It is also a terrific way to get young potential scieintists interested in pursuing careers in science.

Please feel free to post your reactions and/or comments to this movie.

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Fascinating movie !!! thanx

Fascinating movie !!!

Ivan Delgado
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Hi Tony,
Thank you very much for sharing. This is hands down one of the best videos I've ever seen of the inner workings of a cell. It is not only the high quality graphics and animations, but the subtle artistic representation of many of the phenomena that occur in a cell.

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Thank you for the video. I

Thank you for the video. I appreciated seeing the visual of the inner workings of the cell. I will definitely pass this on.

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That was absoutely fantastic

That was absoutely fantastic and I really hope they make more of them.  I had a look on the website but it's the only one so far.

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Hello Tony

Hello Tony
Superb animation. the visual workings are amazing especially the lipid rafts which are essential components of cellular signaling and maintainence  of the localization of cellular proteins and other components