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How does the ANS regulates blood flow during times of fight - or flight against time of rest and digest?

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Sympathetic nervous system  is a branch of the ANS that is familiar to most of us because it supports the survival mechanism of fight or flight. In general, the SNS supports activity and movement by increasing blood pressure and heart rate, and by distributing oxygen and promoting the release of stored fuel such as sugar.parasympathetic nervous system, the second branch of the ANS, is most active when we feel safe, and allows us to rest and recuperate in preparation for our next activity, as well as to reproduce. This PNS facilitates digestion, the storage of food as fuel, and sleep.

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Please do not forget about

Please do not forget about the Enteric Nervous System that coordinate digestion in the alimentery canal.
It is found in the submocousa as the Messners plexuses (parasymapthetic) and in the muscularis externa as Auerbuch plexuses (sympathetic and parasympathetic) regulated by splanchnic and vagus.