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Thank you for reading my question.

Can someone explain the purpose of using methylsulfate in the internal solution such as CsMeSO4 or KMeSO4, please?

Thank you

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frasermoss posted someting

frasermoss posted someting here, that might be usefull:


Posted By frasermoss
on 2/18/2010 9:55 AM   

What is the major counter ion in your pipette solution?
Cl-, Gluconate or MeSO4?
Apparently KMeSO4 in the pipette preserves neuronal excitability more effectively than K-gluconate.

Velumian, A. A., Zhang, L., Pennefather, P., and Carlen, P. L. Reversible inhibition of IK, IAHP, Ih and ICa by internally applied gluconate in rat hippocampal pyramidal neurones. Pflügers Arch. 433: 343-350, 1997

Zhang, L., Weiner, J. L., Valiante, T. A., Velumian, A. A., Watson, P. L., Jahromi, S. S., Schertzer, S., Pennefather, P., and Carlen, P. L. Whole-cell recording of the Ca2+-dependent slow afterhyperpolarization in hippocampal neurones: effects of internally applied anions. Pflügers Arch. 426: 247-253, 1994

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 MeSO4- is an alternative

 MeSO4- is an alternative counter ion to Gluconate when making a Chloride free solution