what does it mean "delayed rectifier"

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what does it mean "delayed rectifier"

 (1) What does it mean “delayed rectifier” exactly?

My understanding is:
When compared the IV relationships obtained at different times after the voltage step onset (say, compared at 10 msec, 100 msec, 500 msec, and 1000 msec), the IV relationship obtained earlier (10 msec) does not show a clear rectification (rather a straight relationship), but the IV relationship obtained later (1000 msec) shows a clear rectification.

Is this correct?

(2) If my understading shown above is correct , then what means, "rapid delayed rectifier" and "slow delayed rectifier"?

My understandig is:
Rapid rectifier means that a clear rectification can be seen relatively early (say, 100 msec) after the voltage step onset, while show rectifier means that a clear rectification can start to be seen after a while from the voltage step onset (say, 500 msec).

Is this correct?
Thanks in advance.


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The channels are "delayed" in

The channels are "delayed" in the sense that their activation kinetics is slow - they change their state slowly after a voltage step. The rectification of the channels is constant over time.