Drinking Water

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Drinking Water

why it has been told that drinking water should be alkaline? Why one should say that change in water will effect our health specially stomach while moving from one place to other ?

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Our stomach contains normal

Our stomach contains normal microflora that need mild alkaline medium to flourish. When we are moving form one place to another, differences in the pH of water effect the micro-enviironment of the stomach and therefore cause digestive problems.

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The digestive problems while

The digestive problems while moving from one place to another may be due to contamination in water due to microorganisms or other pollutants.

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Alkaline water is one of the

Alkaline water is one of the most significant preventative health advances of our generation. It is a powerful antioxidant, which also provides our body with an abundance of oxygen which in turn gives us energy. Alkaline water can also make food taste better, assist vitamin and antioxidant absorption, and generally help the body digest food more efficiently.