Haemoglobin count and Hematocit count

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Haemoglobin count and Hematocit count

I am new member here, and i dont know if this is the way i should do when i need to ask a question, i am a lil bit lost using this website. I am sorry.

Anyway, i have a question, what is the reason for someone to have a low hematocrit count and also have low haemoglobin count, for female and male? and what effect does it has on a person's health, and any advise on increasing the heamoglobin and hematocrit count?.

Thank you, hope someone would help me.

Thank you.

marcus muench
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There are many causes for

There are many causes for anemia. You can find a pretty good description on wikipedia under 'anemia'.

It is best to discuss these symptoms with a doctor to ascertain the cause of the anemia and the best treatment options.

Guy Sovak
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Hi and welcome to the SSI

Hi and welcome to the SSI site.

As Carson said there are many reasons for Anemia. Just for an example the Normal Hemoglobin for male 13.5-17.5 (g/dl) and for female 11.5-15.5 (g/dl) hematocrit 40-52 (%) and female 36-48 (%).
Once again there are many reasons for anemia and this should be disscused with your MD.

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Thank you so much Thanks. =D

Thank you so much

Thanks. =D

ramesh padodara
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For increasing the Hb level,

For increasing the Hb level, it is advise to take more green leafy vegetable, Vit-C, spinach, cabbage, red chilly, tomato, apple, beat is the best.
Hb is the compose of heme (ferrous, iron) and globon (protein part), now it is very clear to have iron and protein both as well.

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A lot of events can cause

A lot of events can cause anemia, even a neglected malarial attack. SOmetimes certain inhaled toxins can cause the cells to deform or the normal functioning or metabolism of the cell to change in whicht he affinity of the haemoglobin in the blood reduces or increases, having an effect on the oxygen carrying capacity of the blood. In any case of anemia, the condition needs to be treated immediately as the brain requires large amounts of oxygen for its functioning and the person is likely to go into a coma if the condition deteriorates over a period of time... the reason for a person going into coma is so that the brain shuts down its activity till favourable conditions can be attained again...

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as earlier discussed, hb and hematocreat value is lower in female as compare to human this may be due to blood loss during manstruation cycle in female. and Dr. Padodra said by taking green vegitables and protein one can increased their hb and PCV.
In market redimade iron preparation (syrup and tablet eg. Heamup) is available easily which increase hb significantly with in week or two.