Moderate protein level

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Moderate protein level

How much Moderate protein need for human per day? Is it same for all nationalities? Is there any standard chart available?
How much moderate protein and protein we consumed per day?

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The recommended dietary

The recommended dietary intake of different energy groups (carbohydrate, proteins and  fats) depends upon body weight, age, sex and activity of the individual. The range of protein requirement of each group could be found at  here (USDA), webMD and many other website.
I am not aware of a study which compares recommended protein intake across nationalities. I would not expect it to be different if you take body wight into account. It would be a good question for your nutritionist/physician, though.
If you want to know how much you consume per day, you can calculate the protein content for all the food you consume daily. The average protein content of all kind of food, raw a well as cooked could be searched for and found online.

Ivan Delgado
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I will add a minor point to varsha's already complete explanation: the amount of protein required is also dependent on your genetics. Some individuals are very good at assimilating protein so they require significantly less protein than individuals that do not assimilate protein as easily. A side point to this is the quality of the protein. Just because a food item has a given protein content on its label does not mean you will incorporate that amount of protein into your body. The digestibility of the protein is a critical component that is often overlooked and creates a gap between the recommended amount of protein and what you actually intake.