shoulder joint - hip joint

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shoulder joint - hip joint

 HI guys looking quite into depth into comparing and contrasting the differences between the hip and shoulder joints.
We know they are both synovial joints but what else is similiar there are differences structural differences etc...
Can you please help me identify these differences and similarities with referencing me to where I can find more information thanks guys.


Guy Sovak
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There are many differences

There are many differences between the two joints.
For information you can go to a good text book that we are using to teach our students.
Clinical Oriented Anatomy / Moore, Dalley and Agur.

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That is a very difficult task

That is a very difficult task. They really are not very similar, mainly because of the scapulothoracic joint. Also, the scapula is one of the most important parts of the shoulder. Although it is often neglected, which creates a giant mess when conducting a literature review, because depending on your question this certain models may be inappropriate.  Do you have more specific questions than how are they simliar? It is easier to show how they are different.