Systole vs. Diastole - Arterial vs. Ventricular

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Systole vs. Diastole - Arterial vs. Ventricular

In the Heart, Systole is the contraction of the heart while diastole is the relaxation of the heart.

When a heart beats, the atria contracts first, resulting an arterial systole. An arterial systole forces blood into the ventricles. Once filled, the two ventricles contract, resulting ventricular systole.

If the above statement is right, then my question is...

If the Arterial systole(Contraction of the R + L artia resulting blood movement into the ventricles) is happening, is there an vetricular diastole(relaxation of the R + L ventricles resulting blood movement from the arteria into the ventricles) happening at the same time? And vice versa?

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