Unexplained Hair Loss

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Unexplained Hair Loss

I've been having unexplained diffuse hairloss for the past 6-7 years.  My blood panels are fine, I am considered a generally happy individual with no major stressors, no family history of male pattern balding, yet I started losing my hair since the beginning of high school and I reckon my scalp now has 40-50% of the hair count it originally had.  There was a period of massive loss in excess of 300 hairs per day (estimated).  I suffer from both dandruff and oily hair, as well as an itchy scalp.  The MD said the hairs falling out were broken hairs, and what looked like an oil glob could be seen at the base of the broken hair.  Explanations have ranged from stress to thyroid imbalances to fungus but nothing has been conclusive.  MedHelp offered no support.  My usual diet consists of Orange Juice / Raisin Bran or Total cereal in the morning, Subway-style sandwich or Naked Juice at lunch + protein bar, and homemade dinner that may include a variety of food such as salmon, mixed vegetables, pasta, salads, etc.
What can the scientific community tell me about the possible nature of my problem?

Ivan Delgado
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Hi FB,

Hi FB,
I wished I could give you an extensive explanation as to the whys of male pattern baldness, which I assume is what you refer to when talking about unexplained hair loss. Yet I do not think there is much that can be said other than it is your genetics in action (baldness has close to no environmental component). Even though it is popular culture that we understand the genetics of baldness in humans, the reality is that we do not. Just because you did not see any measurable baldness in the last two to three generations of your family does not mean you are home free. Baldness has a high degree of variation in its penetrance (how much or how little it is expressed in a given individual). So while none of your parents may not have shown much baldness, the same gene in you may lead to complete baldness. Furthermore, recent research has shown that baldness is linked to more than one gene, so tracking it in populations is all the more complicated (i.e. you may have two carriers that have a nice set of hair, they come together, and the offspring happen to receive bad copies for more than one gene).
Hope this lack of an answer helped.

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I can understand how bad it feels as I have gone through similar situation. But I could find a solution. It is a indian medicinal oil that helped to stop the hair foil and docter is hopeful new hair growth will occur.
This is an "ayurveda " based treatement. Docter check your pulse, body temperature just by touching. Ask general questions about diet, work, family etc. and precribes best medicine. Sometimes they also tell they can not help in growing hair back but surely can prevent further hairloss.
I have faith in this ancient treatment. If you wish can try your luck . But authentic treatment is available only in India.