Computational and mathematical biomedical engineering

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Computational and mathematical biomedical engineering

Computational and mathematical biomedical engineering

June 29th - July 1st 2009 Swansea UK

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To discuss the current state of the art of Computational Biomedical Engineering research.

§ Cardiovascular problems
§ Respiratory systems
§ Biofluids
§ Soft tissue, constitutive modelling
§ Experimental validation
§ Numerical methods
§ Analytical approaches
§ High performance computing
§ Biological heat and mass transfer
§ Biomechanics and Oncology
§ Clinical relevance
§ Imaging and image processing
§ Uncertainty quantification
§ Biomedical devices

Extended abstracts of four A4 pages are invited from potential authors for consideration. The abstract should be written in the prescribed format. Model templates are available on the conference website. Accepted abstracts will only be included in the conference program and proceedings if at least one of the authors of the paper is registered by the deadline. Authors of high quality papers will be approached to submit full length papers to a special issue of the journal ‘Communications in Numerical Methods in Engineering – with Biomedical Applications’ for consideration.

Who should attend?
Ø Medical doctors
Ø Practicing and research engineers
Ø Lecturers/Professors and scientists
Ø Software developers
Ø Graduate and research students
Ø Scientists/Managers from industry