antibodies for FACS and fluorescence microscopy

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hanen ouadani
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antibodies for FACS and fluorescence microscopy

i'am asking if we could use the same antibody for FACS analysis and fluorescence microscopy, if not what is the difference between the two kind of antibodies?

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 In many instances, the same

 In many instances, the same Ab will work equally well. In other case, it might work better in solution with a cell suspension (e.g. for clow cytometry), or on a solid matrix (cells on a coverslip). Sadly, there is no way to empirically state that any given Ab will work - you just have to test it out.
Also, if you are using direct conjugates, make sure that the microscope PMTs/dif grids/filter cubes support it - most 'scopes are not capable of imaging the 6-14 colors that modern flow cytometers are capable of.