subclass of mouse IgG

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subclass of mouse IgG

I want toknow how to get the antiserum to subclasses of mouse IgG.Please tell me ! Thanks

Arvind Singh Pundir
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Hi wangwf1976,

Hi wangwf1976,

hope this papers help you in your querry :
The Four Subclasses of IgG Can Be Isolated from Mouse Serum by using Protein A-Sepharose

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If you want to purchase them

If you want to purchase them commercially then companies like MP Biomedicals can supply them for you

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yeah,I know protein A can

yeah,I know protein A can isolate the four subclasses of mouse IgG.but I am not sour how can I get the specific antiserum against each of them.Using purified IgG to imuunize
rabbit or one of the fraction.

Abhishek Singh
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posssibly by immunizing other

posssibly by immunizing other host species with mouse serum and then doing affinity chromatography with desired subclasses IgG.