cellculture systems for mAb's.

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cellculture systems for mAb's.

There al lot of cellculture systems for mAb's.

Examples are T-flasks, roller bottles and spinner flasks.
Also Miniperm, Celline and Fibra stage are usefull systems.
And many others like Clinicell, Opticell, Cellmax and Fibercell.

Its my order to find out which system is usefull for my school and a small company producing mAb's.
High mAb concentration, low costs and easy to use...

Which one do you use or prefer for mAb's?

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T-flask is good if you're

T-flask is good if you're looking for small amounts (otherwise you'll have stacks upon stacks of flasks).
I'd go with spinners, although they do require some knowledge on how to use and handle them.