polyclonal antibody ..help

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polyclonal antibody ..help

I want to produce polyclonal antibody in rabbit using an antigen (protein) that has been recovered from an SDS gel .my question is : what is the disadvantages of this method on the rabbit s health and on the antibody activity??

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Guo-qiang Huang
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The major disadvantage of

The major disadvantage of using an SDS extracted antigen is the amount that is recovered. Typically, the amout is far less than what is required for polyclonal antibody production in rabbits.
The rabbits health would be affected minimally.
Sometimes, SDS can slightly denature your antigen, be careful.

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thanks for your reply,

thanks for your reply,
Can you pricise what is the best concentration of the antigen that we need in the first immunization , it varies from a protocol to another , but in general it is between 200 microgram/ml to 2mg/ml .... is it right?
Thanks again !

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A polyclonal antibody is

A polyclonal antibody is produced by a multiple antigenic determinant holding protein. Ans. depending upon the chemical and physical nature of protein which will be used for the protection of antibody in ur animal.