Rabbit monoclonal antibody question

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Rabbit monoclonal antibody question

I just noticed in the banner ad from Epitomics that they make rabbit monoclonals?  How does that work? Anybody familiar with the technique?

Chin Fen Teo
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Check out an article in PNAS

Check out an article in PNAS back in 1995 by Spieker-Polet et al. Vol 92, pp. 9348-9352.
Title: Rabbit monoclonal antibodies: Generating a fusion partner to produce rabbit-rabbit hybridomas
During the last 15 years several laboratories have attempted to generate rabbit monoclonal antibodies,
mainly because rabbits recognize antigens and epitopes that are not immunogenic in mice or rats, two species from which monoclonal antibodies are usually generated. Monoclonal antibodies from rabbits could not be generated, however, because a plasmacytoma fusion partner was not available. To obtain a rabbit plasmacytoma cell line that could be used as a fusion partner we generated transgenic rabbits carrying two
transgenes, c-myc and v-abl. These rabbits developed plasmacytomas, and we obtained several plasmacytoma cell lines from which we isolated hypoxanthine/aminopterin/thymidine-sensitive clones. One of these clones, when fused with spleen cells of immunized rabbits, produced stable hybridomas that secreted antibodies specific for the immunogen. The hybridomas can be cloned and propagated in nude mice, and they can be frozen without change in their ability to secrete specific monoclonal antibodies. These rabbit-rabbit hybridomas will be useful not only for production of monoclonal antibodies but also for studies of immunoglobulin gene rearrangements and isotype switching needed to stably produce monoclonal rabbit antibodies. We have now developed a fusion partner from a myc/abl double-transgenic rabbit, and we report the successful production of stable antigen-specific rabbit-rabbit hybridomas.

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Man I feel dumb.  The

Man I feel dumb.  The technology has been around for 14 years!  Just goes to show you cant know it all.  I was taking a look at the Epitomics site after I posted this and of course they have great description of how there are made.  Oh well hopefully others find this thread and learn something too.  Has anybody used their rabbit monoclonals recently?