Dissolution of bisphenol A

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Anne Maria
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Dissolution of bisphenol A

Could anybody tell the appropriate vehicle for dissolving bisphenol A?

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My labmates use BPA. For

My labmates use BPA. For animal studies, they dissolve it in ethanol, then dilute that in sesame oil. For cell culture studies, just dissolve in ethanol.

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for cell culture if we are

for cell culture if we are using ethanol what about ethanol toxicity, for invivo the volume of ethanol may be negligible, but if it cell culture then the volume may be high, also DMSO can be used for cell culture and it will be dissolved or not in DMSO.

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please give me some

please give me some information about the what % of solubility of bisphenol a in DMSO if possible. that means what's amount of Bisphenol A (mg/kg) are dissolved in what % of DMSO (i.e. 1%, 10% or 20 % or etc..) and how it is possible.