Dissolving in DMSO

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Dissolving in DMSO

 We have ordered these bunch of drug compounds; basically we want to test them on hiv and see if there are any cytopathic effects. The collaborator who is conducting this testing wants us to send them drug compound samples in eppendorfs - 100uL with concentration of 10mM (dissolved in dmso)

Since only 10mM is reqd. i thought of making stocks of 1M and then diluting them. Is this ok?

Moreover, once i dissolve them in dmso, do i have to keep them in -80 or in 4C refrigerator (where my drug compounds are)

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yes u can make 1M DMSO stock.

yes u can make 1M DMSO stock. after dissolving sample in dmso slowly decrease the temperature like first put ur eppendorf in ice for n hr then in -20 for 1hr and then finally store in -80.