MCQ in Biochemistry

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MCQ in Biochemistry

anyone find MCQ in Biochemistry please let me know. if possible can tell me the source if not i will give my mail id can send it to mail (
Thanks in advance

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check the linkhttp://www.ets
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I have developed a software

I have developed a software Plus e-book on Biochemistry.
The Objective Biochemistry e-book has been designed to create an environment for the facilitators as well as the learner where both can interact in a much more friendly way and the teaching-learning can be an enjoyable experience. Have
The components of the e-book include a user friendly software and well validated and structured Question data bank. The data-bank has been classified into 24 chapter headings and each question is graded on a 1 to 5 scale of difficulty. Each question carries the reference to the standard biochemistry text-books for further study/clarification. The questions can be reviewed sequentially or chapter-wise. Three interactive formats viz.
normal">Self-evaluation, Biochemistry Game and Quiz-Show make the learning process more interesting.
 The e-book also has a feature to make an Objective Type Question-Paper as per the requirement and standard of the examination. The Analytical tools to evaluate the quality of each question after each exam further enhance the utility of the software/e-book for Biochemistry teachers.