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Nils Holgerson
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Postdoctoral Fellow

Position : Postdoctoral Fellow
Organization: Cancer Research Institute at Scott & White Hospital/Texas A&M University College of Medicine
Location : Temple, US Texas
Date Posted: Feb 24 2007

The new Cancer Research Institute at Scott & White Hospital/Texas A&M University College of Medicine in Temple, Texas is focused on the design, testing, scale-up, pharmacology and clinical trials of novel polypeptide agents. The 17,000 square foot Institute includes a state-of-the-art GMP facility and strong scientific and support staff for production and clinical testing of novel protein agents. Under the direction of Dr. Arthur Frankel, the new Institute is the first phase of a bioscience complex at Scott & White's West Campus.

We are currently seeking a Postdoctoral Fellow.
Postdoctoral fellowship for an individual with a PhD in chemistry, biochemistry or biological sciences. Will participate in research on developing new targeted protein and small molecule therapeutics for cancer. Experience in microbiology or cell biology, organic chemistry and/or protein chemistry desired. Opportunity to lead a funded research program for several years or more. Also, an opportunity for future academic appointment.
Please send CV and three references to:

Arthur E. Frankel, MD
Executive Director, Cancer Research Institute
Scott & White Memorial Hospital
2401 South 31st Street
Temple, TX 76508
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Phone: 254-724-9786
Fax: 254-724-6755

Shirley Meadows, RN
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