NMR of Paramagnetic Proteins

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NMR of Paramagnetic Proteins

NMR of Paramagnetic Proteins
Book Chapter

Ivano Bertini1 and Claudio Luchinat2
1Department of Chemistry, University of Florence, Via G. Capponi, 7, 50121 Florence, Italy, and
2Department of Soil Science and Plant Nutrition, University of Florence, P.le delle Cascine 7,
50144 Florence, Italy

Link: http://www.biophysics.org/education/ibertini.pdf


1. NMR as a spectroscopic tool
1.1. Signal detection and assignment
1.2. Information on the magnetic susceptibility tensor
1.3. Spin density delocalization
2. NMR as a structural tool
2.1 Contact shifts as structural constraints
2.2. MCPCSs as constraints
2.3. Nuclear relaxation enhancement-based constraints
3. Perspectives in NMR of paramagnetic molecules