Animal Law and Bioethics

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Animal Law and Bioethics

Animal law, meaning the rights and protections given to animals under the law is moving to the forefront of law training and activities. Check out this recent editorial on this topic from The American Journal of Bioethics.
In the article, the author points out the many of the top law schools in the nation are now teaching Animal Law courses, and the question of the legality of animal experimentation has moved its way into the mainstream. These ethical questions are of vital importance, as animal experimentation is critical to biomedical research.

Jitendra Sinha
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Animal ethics has remained in

Animal ethics has remained in forefront of scientific activities as most of the preliminary activities are done and confirmed only on animals. Bioethics is a very important subject of study. Here in India and also in many countries, animal care and handling courses have become compulsory before starting any type of animal experimentation. And hence the laws and their studies are also becoming need of the hour.

Stephannie Baker
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Animal ethics

Yes, I agree that such courses should be made compulsary. I, too, have had such training done before I started research. It's very important to have such sensitisation done because these animals have rights as well. Many scientists do ignore these things in the name of research.