Forced Clinical Trial in NY, half the salt - twice the life?

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Forced Clinical Trial in NY, half the salt - twice the life?

Apparently, Mayor Bloomberg has decided to run a city wide experiment without any consent forms. From the New York Times, "the city is starting a “nationwide initiative” to pressure the food industry and restaurant chains to cut salt intake by half over the next decade." This decision is based on published results that reduced salt can lower blood pressure. But rigorous clinical trials have not been done, and the test cases in that study had hypertension. Other studies have shown there is little long term benefit from lowered salt intake. It is highly unethical for a governing body to make sweeping public health decisions based on anecdotal evidence. This constitutes gross misconduct and could easily damage people's lives.

Here is the article:
Forced Clinical Trial in NY


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Sufficient data and evidences

Sufficient data and evidences must be there to support the trials before implementation. And also after implementation the studies should come out about the practical applicabiltiy of the concept.
These words in this news:
"And why bother with a control group when you already know the experiment’s outcome?" words are really is a a thing to be thought of seriously. It must be seen that advantages should outweigh disadvantages in case of health concerns. 
picture used to symbolise in the link news is also very interesting.